About us

LUCKE was born from a lifelong love of our natural environment. Long before gratitude was a buzzword, we were overwhelmed with a feeling of luck. To have been lucky enough to spend our early days in and on the ocean, to have been lucky enough to have forests on our doorstep ready to explore and to have been lucky enough to be able to call Aotearoa, New Zealand home. 

Over time however, we began to see the impact humanity had started to have on our natural world and all who we share this planet with. To be so lucky yet take it for granted. Working in conflict with our natural world instead of with it. What was humanity up to?

No longer could we sit back and witness this destruction, so in 2019 we decided to do something about it. The first question was where to start. 

The issues facing our planet were large and varied. So we looked at the industries making the most impact. Something that we were all passionate about, also happened to be one of the world's biggest polluters - the clothing industry. According to the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, the clothing industry is responsible for an estimated 2-8% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. As former professional sportsmen and seeing the amount of clothing in the sporting fields being often used only a handful of times - the answer became clear. We wanted to make clothing that cared. Sustainable apparel designed equally with the active consumer and planet and those who made it in mind. LUCKE was born. 

At LUCKE we’re in the business of solving environmental problems guided by research and transparency. The foundations of LUCKE are built on the principles of the circular economy - to eliminate, circulate & regenerate.

At the end of the day to change the direction of where we are heading when it comes to the health of our planet, it is going to take commitment to making new choices, to doing things differently, to choosing action over perfection and to believe that change is possible. 

We believe doing business doesn’t have to cost the earth, and are on a mission to show that this is possible. This is the LUCKE way, are you onboard?

The origin of LUCKE

So often in life people describe others or themselves as being 'Lucky'. We believe appreciating all that we already have, is where the ‘Lucky’ feeling starts. 

Here at LUCKE we encompass this philosophy of appreciation by acknowledging the beautiful country and natural environment we were raised in. For us it came down to acknowledging nature as we would a close friend or family member. With empathy and care. It was for this reason we replaced the “Y” in lucky with an “E” - to always keep this empathy for our environment front of mind.

Today we specialise in sustainable clothing solutions that are guided by circular economy principles and designed for the active customer.