Garth Ellingham

Garth Ellingham 

Hello, I'm Garth, a former professional sailor turned founder of LUCKE, where we guide organisations toward workwear choices that benefit both people and our planet.

From racing yachts around the world, I've witnessed firsthand the toll our choices take on nature. I realised action was needed—not just talk among those who already cared. My engineering background and passion for sustainability didn't align with a world rapidly embracing disposable items, despite monumental technological advances.

Shocked by the statistics around clothing waste, I found hope in the potential for significant positive change. A pivotal discussion with an innovator in recycled fabrics reinforced my belief in a better path forward.

Life threw me a curveball with a serious knee injury, putting my sailing career on hold but opening the door to self-reflection. What emerged was a clear vision for a future where businesses play a pivotal role in driving sustainable change, free from the guise of greenwashing.

What drives me? It's my 4 core beliefs: 
- Love:  Create caring relationships through community, friends and family
- Play: Do things that make you smile
- Health:  Always be aware of your mind, body, and spirit
- Work:  Having a purpose to chase passions that I believe in!

Now, LUCKE is flourishing in New Zealand and Australia, driven by a team including Roy and Wilfried—my fellow ocean lovers and LUCKE Directors. We share more than a love for the sea; we share a commitment to infusing environmental consciousness into workwear.

Curious about LUCKE's journey? Join us in creating workwear that cares and be part of the change.