Our Sustainability Badges

Sustainable Badges

At LUCKE, we're committed to creating a more sustainable clothing industry, and we want to share our progress with you. That's why we've created these badges to highlight the sustainability efforts behind each of our products and simplify the research we've done. All of our badges are guided by strict certifications, and we try to always link back to the source of these certifications. 

When you shop with LUCKE, you can trust that we've done the research and made responsible choices about the materials and production partners we use.


Our badges in more detail

Recycled Ocean Plastic
  • Garments are made from 100% Recycled Ocean Waste
  • Damaged fishnets and other plastics are collected by fishermen from the ocean. These plastics are then cleaned and turned into pellets. Pallets are then melted and turned into yarn that we use for our garments. We remove 0.5kg (11lb) of ocean waste for every garment manufactured. 
  • Long-life lycra is sometimes added to give the fabric stretch
  • Products are certified Global Recycled Standard (GRS).


  • Organic Cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, that damage the people growing it, wearing it and the land.
  • It is a much more environmentally friendly option than regular Cotton.
  • All our Organic Cotton products are either certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Organic Content Standard (OCS).


Recycled Plastic
  • Product made from recycled plastic
  • Long-life lycra is sometimes added to give the fabric stretch
  • Product is certified Global Recycled Standard (GRS).


Our aim at LUCKE is to have all our products ethically sourced. If this badge is displayed then we have dug in into the supply chain of this product.
Product is either:
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Fair Wear Certified
  • Produced at a trusted factory in Europe that is regulated under European Standards to have fair wages + safe working conditions


Eco-friendly Printing
Our primary form of printing is the greenest. It is known as Sublimation, which has:  
  • No toxins
  • Zero waste (so no dyes get into the water system)
  • No water consumption
  • Oeko-tex 100 certification, which ensures our inks are safe for all users including babies and toddlers.


 Compostable Packaging
Throughout our supply chain we are constantly looking at the lowest impact packaging option.
  • We use home compostable courier bags
  • No courier labels that need to be removed before composting
  • Some of our suppliers also provide products in compostable or bio degradable bags


    Recycled Materials
    • Current product range includes recycled plastic or recycled cotton


    Recycled Packaging
    • Packaging made from recycled plastic or paper