Our product stewardship Initiative

We believe in a world where the lifecycle of clothing is infinite and textile waste is a thing of the past. That's why we're excited to launch the LUCKE Take Back Initiative, a program designed to close the loop on our clothing products.

The LUCKE Take Back Initiative allows customers to bring back any LUCKE apparel at the end of its usable life for free, or other brand clothing for a small fee. This program is made possible through our partnership with Upparel, a B-Corp certified company and a leader in textile recycling in Australasia.

Textile waste is a major problem in the global clothing industry, and New Zealand has the highest per-capita waste volumes in the OECD, with an estimated 220,000 tonnes of textile waste going to landfill each year. At LUCKE, we try to minimize textile waste by focusing on timeless design, durability, and innovative printing processes. However, we understand that clothes will eventually degrade and no longer be wearable.

Through our partnership with Upparel, we are now able to close the loop on this process. The LUCKE Take Back Initiative works by having customers drop off or ship cleaned items back to LUCKE HQ. Each item is then checked and sorted into two categories: reuse (still fit for wear) and repurpose (not fit for wear).

The items that are still fit for wear are offered to charities, social enterprises, and non-profit organizations. These items can make a significant impact in helping others. Items that are not fit for wear are broken down into different materials and fabrics. Hardware and non-fabric items are individually recycled, and textiles are turned into a super fine cushion-like fiber or cushioning material. This fiber can then be used to make pillows, insulation, and furniture. At the end of their life, these upcycled items can be returned to Upparel and recycled again.

We understand that the LUCKE Take Back Initiative is not a complete solution, but it is an innovative step in the right direction. We will continue to evolve this initiative and come up with more solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable fashion industry. Join us in the movement towards a circular economy and clothing that cares.