ESR - Environmental Science and Research


The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) is a New Zealand government research agency committed to enhancing the health, wellbeing, and safety of communities. Leveraging world-leading science, ESR monitors diseases, tests food and products, safeguards water quality, and supports the justice sector. Collaborating with experts and iwi, ESR addresses critical issues to create a better Aotearoa for everyone.


ESR connected with LUCKE to explore workwear and merchandise that align with their values.

They wanted to tackle the challenge of getting consistently branded, high quality clothing to their people who are out on the global circuit showcasing cutting edge research in the environmental science space. 

How we helped

ESR’s people work in varied environments so they opted for a full collection, meeting the needs of their broader team. They also needed everything to be easy and accessible, otherwise adoption would be low.
LUCKE worked with ESR to develop:
  • Full, customised workwear collection - 30+ garments customised with consistent, vibrant ESR branding.
  • Easy order portal - ESR’s needed an easy way to order workwear and merchandise so LUCKE’s customer portal was the obvious choice. Users can securely login, view products and information, add items to the cart and complete their order providing purchase order information.
  • Quality organic and recycled fibres - ESR’s collection consists of clothing that has various certifications including fairwear/fair trade, organic and recycled fibre textiles. Choices that reduce environmental impact and support fair work practices.


Since going live with the online portal the broader ESR team has really embraced the new workwear options and recognise how it really connects with their values, building on an existing sense of pride in their organisation. Their impact is growing every week enabling them to celebrate their wins - hopefully inspiring others to change for good!


Get in touch if you are interested in some new workwear options that look great and make you feel good