Regenerate: Give back and track your impact

"We are committed to regenerating nature and minimising our footprint"

The third principle of the circular economy is “regenerate nature”.  We understand that with every product we  produce there is a cost on our environment and we believe it is all our responsibility to acknowledge this and give back to try to find solutions to close the loop.

It is no simple task but we have put initiatives in place and continue to search for solutions that can combat this problem.



Current Initiatives

  • 1% FOR THE PLANET Member, resulting in LUCKE donating at least 1% of all revenue to our chosen charity, ONE TREE PLANTED.

  • Member of Usedfully, Textile Reuse Programme
  • LUCKE’s own Better Apparel Membership programme. The focus is to give client’s an impact report  that shows the positive impact and certifications associated with products that they have purchased. This can be used as evidence if a client goes down a certification path itself, such as B Corp. 

Developing Initiatives

  • Green House Gas Footprint Calculations + Offset program - This is broken down into business and individual product footprint calculation

  • Product end of life solution