At LUCKE, we are big believers in the circular economy, which incorporates product stewardship. This requires producers to take responsibility for products they sell but also relies on consumers changing their philosophy when buying products too. Both parties need to come to the party and play their part in removing this lazy, “throw away” mentality.

This will always be a work in progress as the apparel industry has a long way to go in this space. We have begun our journey by using the three principles of the circular model to guide us, incorporating initiatives under each principle. Our challenge is to continue to add and innovate...

Design out waste and pollution

  • We are not big into trends, hence we try and design and pick colours that will be staples for years to come
  • Use suppliers + materials that are higher quality and built to last
  • Use printing processes, such as sublimation that is eco friendly and stays vibrant for longer
  • Offer solutions to microfiber problem, by offering the Cora Ball

Keep products and materials in use 

  • Member of Usedfully, Textile Reuse Programme 
  • Developing a product end of life take back program
  • Created Better Apparel Membership Programme      

Regenerate natural systems

  • Incorporated ONE TREE PLANTED into our online store
  • Next goal to achieve 1% for the planet status