Case Study: Oxfam Trail Walker


Oxfam Aotearoa 2024 were preparing for their annual Trail walker event which encourages teams to walk through Taranaki's stunning landscapes, raising funds for Oxfam’s global initiatives.

The organisation recognised the opportunity to raise more funds through merchandise so wanted an easy way to sell their merchandise with a pre-order system to minimize cash flow risks and accommodate on-day sales.

They sought a storytelling approach that resonated with LUCKE’s transparent ethos, particularly for their "What she makes" campaign


How we helped

In collaborated with Oxfam, we designed 3D mockups and proposed various fabrics and products, ultimately opting for recycled and organic materials. These materials, along with ethical certifications, mirrored Oxfam's dedication to sustainability. We also tailored an online merch store to align with their preferences, ensuring a seamless fit for their needs.


  • Order Impact:
    •  41 trees planted
    • 640 plastic bottles recycled (1L)
    • 2,394 litres of water saved
    • 45 kgC02e reduction
  • Provided a custom merch store, capable of taking pre-orders, recording team information with each order, and providing sales and analytic insights to help drive their marketing efforts. 
  • Provided compelling content for their newsletter, focusing on the ethical and sustainable impact of their merchandise.

See a sample of their store below. 



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