Sustainability -The Problem


The oceans face a massive and growing threat from
something you encounter everyday: plastics.

According to the WWF, an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our ocean every year which is having a huge impact on our sea-life.


"That's equivalent to one dump truck full of plastic every minute of every day!!"



Why buy recycled polyester (plastic)?

To be honest, it's the best solution for a bad situation. Although natural fibers like organic cotton are great, they do not have the same quick drying, recovery and wrinkle free properties of polyester which are an ideal fabric for swimwear and activewear.

These benefits make it difficult to switch entirely away from synthetics. In addition, while natural fibers don't use non renewable resources, switching to 100% natural fibers would put a huge strain our our land and water use. It's a tricky balance.

That's why we only use recycled ocean plastic as it's not only a good compromise, but it helps address an existing problem, ocean waste.

How we tackle micro-fibers problem.

We realise that washing our garments will still contribute to the mirco-fiber problem. That's why we are proud to offer Cora Balls, the world's first microfiber catching Laundry Ball. Click "Cora Ball" in the menu to read more about the product.