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Our Sublimation Process

We combine both sublimation printing technique with recycled polyester
to get a green-environmentally friendly product . 

In sublimation, the inks (including Hi-Vis inks) are fused into the fabric as opposed to sitting on top of the fabric such as in DTG or screen printing. The process not only gives fabrics a softer touch after the printing, but it is also very durable. The colour remains strong in outdoor lighting and after extensive washing, so it’s the ideal process for sportswear and school clothing.

No Toxins
No toxins are used in the dye sublimation process thus protecting workers and the environment

Zero Waste
Zero waste, as no dye will get into the water system

Saving Water
Inkjet jobs can consume as little as 20 litres of water per kg of printed substrate – for cotton this can be as much as 10,000 litres per kg.

We offer great design visuals to our customers which gives a better sense of what the garment will look like when you receive it to avoid any error. 

Best for our 100% recycled polyester materials


Our Embroidery Process

We combine timeless embroidery with recycled fabrics to offer a sustainable, high-end product. 

We offer a full service including normal embroidery, 3D embroidery, felt appliques, sublimated appliques and patches. Great for both organic and recycled materials.

Screen Printing

Our Screen Printing Process

Everyone has a favorite hoodie or tee and chances are that it's been screen printed. From 1 colour to a complex simulation print, we cover all your screen printing needs.

Best for our 100% organic cotton materials

Production time & samples:

Lead time is typically 3-4 weeks, but if this time frame doesn't work we can fast track some orders. If you need samples, please email sales@luckeapparel.com

Sample fee is usually $80.00 + GST per sample and refunded with an order quantity of 50+.