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Your brand has an opportunity to stand out!

Generate Sales

Create branded merchandise to on-sell to your customers. Whether its for a one-off promotion, or for your retail store, we got you covered with wholesale prices that grow your business!

Brand Awareness

Help make change and grow your organisation/business by associating your brand with our sustainably made products.

Reduce Health Risk

While we are all about getting out there and having fun, the risk of COVID-19 is still very real. That's why we have worked tirelessly to offer World Class Anti-Viral Technology that can be engineered into any custom gear you order. It's an extra layer of protection to reduce the spread and keep everyone moving.

Why people choose LUCKE Custom Gear?

    • All garments are made from recycled materials
    • 100% fully customizable
    • Offer great in-house design service (no design skills required)
    • Vibrant colourfast finish
    • All garments can be engineered with Anti-viral technology
    • Zero toxins in dyes + produces zero waste


Next steps

  • To make a custom order email or get in touch here
  • We’ll get back to you within a working day with a price for your quantity requested and estimated delivery time.


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